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DUCKFoOT was launched in 2000 by Philip Wilson. Since then the company has helped numerous corporations, entrepreneurs and Governement departments to gain fresh insight into their customers needs, test out new products or services and particularly help develop the dialogue between provider and purchaser.

Philip's background is in advertising - Saatch & Saatchi London - when he developed his interest in understanding how communications can contribute positively to people's lives.

As far back as 2004 DUCKFoOT was winning awards for its work in introducing to market research new thinking, techniques and tools to better understand how the human mind actually consumes advertising and uses it implicitly to drive future decision making and behaviour.  The innovations we contributed are integral to what has become known as Behavioural Economics. These principles still underpin our research and development projects, whether they are brand-led or consumer-led in nature.

In recent times DUCKFoOT has focused its interest on working with people to describe aspects of their own life journey to discover for themselves more about the influence of their own past and present day experiences on their future ambitions to achieve life satisfaction.