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Research & Development

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DUCKFoOT Ltd is a consumer and social research company.

We work for people who work for big companies, small companies, no companies, charities and Government who all share an ambition to better understand the lives of others.

We specialise in running workshops which invite people to tell their story about specific aspects of their life . . .  the good, bad and ugly in the world around them, what matters in their personal lives, buying stuff, using it, replacing it. 

We help people to visualise the storyboard and write the narrative of what brings them happiness.  We work on finding happy endings.

We let people’s own creativity reveal the emotional context for their decisions and the stuff that really counts.

Workshops make it fun for people to discover their own story.

Please do contact us on mail@duck-foot.co.uk, or call +44 14 60 55 22 5.